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Pinochle 101 – A Beginners Tutorial on Pinochle Basics


Pinochle is one of the most fun and challenging card games in the world. Much like Poker, it requires skill in estimating probabilities, strong instincts on when to be cautious or when to take risks, and an ability to read your opponents to gauge the strength or weakness of their hands. However, Pinochle requires deeper analysis and more strategy than Poker. Perhaps one could say Pinochle is to Poker as Chess is Checkers. If you enjoy the mechanics of Poker, but think you’re ready to try something more thought-provoking, Pinochle is definitely worth checking out. There are many different variations of Pinochle and many players have their own unique rules and preferences for how to play. In this introduction, we’ll start with covering the basics…

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Cutthroat Pinochle: Basic Winning Strategies


In Cutthroat Pinochle, there are no partnerships; it’s every man for themselves. Cutthroat is usually played with three players and can be played with either single deck or double deck. The primary objective it to maximize points for yourself, and the secondary goal is to prevent your opponents from making their bids so they lose points instead of gaining points. To begin, the dealer shuffles the deck and deals out the entire deck to each player, 3 cards at a time if single deck or 5 cards at a time if double deck. Usually the last 3 cards left get placed face down into the “kitty” in the center of the tables. Bidding Strategies After all cards are dealt, players examine their cards and proceed…

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Partners Pinochle with 4-Card Pass: Basic Winning Strategies

Deck of Cards

In the United States and Canada, perhaps the most popular style of Pinochle is four players with partners and 4-card passing. This is the variation featured here on this site. In this form of the game there are two 2-person teams playing against one another. Whichever team wins the bidding gets to choose the trump and exchange 4 cards with their partner. Each player gets points for the melds in their individual hand, and then each player’s points are combined with their partner’s. Similarly, each player earns trick points for pointer cards taken (Aces, Tens, and Kings). At the end of the hand each player’s trick points are combined with their partner’s and added to their meld score. If the high-bidding team makes their bid…

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Pinochle Glossary: Definitions of Common Terms Used in Pinochle

100 Aces: refers to a meld consisting of four Aces, one of each suit. This meld is also referred to as Aces Around. Depending on the scoring method, this meld is worth either 10 or 100 meld points. 40 Jacks or 400 Jacks: refers to a meld consisting of four Jacks, one of each suit. This meld is also referred to as Jacks Around. Depending on the scoring method, this meld is worth either 4 or 40 meld points. 80 Kings or 800 Kings: refers to a meld consisting of four Kings, one of each suit. This meld is also referred to as Kings Around. Depending on the scoring method, this meld is worth either 8 or 80 meld points. 60 Queens or 600 Queens:…

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How to Play Online Pinochle with a Friend

If you ever want to play Pinochle or Cutthroat Pinochle with one or more friends, you can create a custom table and send them a code to join and play with you online. You can play with friends using either our mobile app or playing online on the web. You don’t have to have enough players to fill the table. Following instructions below, you can add bots to fill any empty seats at the table. 1. Launch the Pinochle or Cutthroat Pinochle app on your mobile device or login to and Browse Tables to choose which type of Pinochle you want to play. 2. Click the New Game Button, and then click on Play Online. 3. Click on the Invite Friends button at the…

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